Ashley Jones’ Top 3 Social Media Tips

Ashley Jones’ Top 3 Social Media Tips

Thank you to Panelist, Ashley Jones, who has provided her Top 3 Social Media Tips from panel discussions at our Launch Event last week.

  1. Good media makes for good social media. Great photos, well-designed typography and graphic design, engaging and consistent writing, charismatic points of view, interesting reposts – these things need to be so good you want to share it with friends. Otherwise, it won’t be effective because no one will be interested.
  2. Refine a writing style or tone of voice for your Social Medias and try to be the same personality across them all. However, just like you would change your own diction around your parent, your best friend, and your boss, your social media language formality can (and should) shift too. For example, it might be appropriate to be a best friend on Instagram making jokes and being whimsical but you’ll need to be more informative and polished in your newsletters. Determine these standards for yourself depending on your market. All of these tones should still add up to sound like one person… A like-able, charismatic person, preferably. :)
  3. Don’t bog yourself down with media strategies, KPIs, data or analysis UNLESS you’re expecting one of these measures to change how you post in the future. Otherwise, you’re wasting your valuable time tracking them. It is good to use the numbers now and then to get an overall idea about your audience and their behaviours, but there’s an overwhelming abundance of numbers out there you can access. Be thoughtful and start small on which information you’ll track and use the knowledge to direct your decisions.

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