Yvonne Frei’s Top 3 Social Media Tips

Yvonne Frei’s Top 3 Social Media Tips

Thank you to Panelist, Yvonne Frei, who has provided her Top 3 Social Media Tips from panel discussions at our Launch Event last week.

  1. Personalisation / consistency: People will relate more if marketing is personalised and there is a customised feel to the eDMs. Also ensuring a consistent look and feel is important, particularly in line with your business branding. This will allow easy connection across all marketing and communications that are patient/consumer facing. Remember ‘the brand glue is what turns a customer into a friend’.
  2. Always assume that embedded images won’t be downloaded: when putting together your eDM make sure you can still get your point across if all images were replaced with a small X indicating it has not downloaded. Make sure the most important key messages are in the copy of the email. In addition make sure the email still looks good even if the images don’t appear.
  3. Clean your database: when reviewing your post analysis reports from executed email campaigns make sure to learn from those results, clean up the database. Investigate further into the bounced emails, what initiatives do you have in place to retrieve accurate emails for those consumers? What processes do you have in place to get accurate emails from the beginning to avoid future bounces?

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