Employment Enjoyment – Recruitment Tips

Employment Enjoyment – Recruitment Tips

Thanks to the speakers of our September 2013 Flourish Event – “Employment Enjoyment” for their valuable information on the evening and also for their Top 3 Recruitment Tips listed below.

Tamara Blythman – Recruitloop

  1. Written job description – essential to have in writing exactly what you are seeking in your new employee.
  2. Writing an ad for the internet – make it powerful and punchy!
    It must be visually appealing, factual and informative and don’t forget the WIFM – what’s in it for me? Use the ad to sell the opportunity and your organisation.
  3. The F2F interview – listen more than you talk, ask open ended questions and have an interview questionnaire check list to ensure you ask consistent questions to compare ‘apples to apples’.
    With careful planning and preparation you will increase the likelihood of successfully hiring!

For further assistance contact Tamara at RecruitLoop at:
tamara.blythman@au.recruitloop.com or www.recruitloop.com.au/recruiter/tamara-blythman

Alison Lacey – Clark & Jacobs

  1. Contractors v Employees – Just because someone has and ABN does not mean that they are a contractor. Be aware that there are different definitions for contractors depending on what area of employment you are dealing with. Tax, workers compensation insurance and payroll tax all have different definitions for contractors.
  2. Superannuation – As an employer, make sure you know your super obligations such as contribution rates, paper work, choice of super and timing of payments. In particular, note recent changes to the details you need to give employees on their payslips. Also be aware that super payments are due quarterly, but monthly if it is an employee salary sacrifice amount.
  3. Documentation for employees – Take the time to get both your initial and ongoing employee documentation right. Things like employment declarations, choice of super forms, time sheets and payslips along with other employment records must be kept for 7 years in case of audit.

For further assistance contact Alison at:
or www.clarkjacobs.com.au

Aaron Dearden – Duncan Cotterill

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate your employment contracts or policies by well-intentioned promises that don’t work in practice. For example don’t promise an employee will be given a three warnings before being terminated. This won’t always suit you or the circumstances you face.
  2. Keep contracts of employment up to date. If an employee receives a promotion or their duties change then make sure you update their terms and conditions of employment particularly their notice period.
  3. If you have concerns about an employee’s performance during the probation period then experience suggests that the employee will only ever be an ‘average employee’. Therefore take action during the probation period to terminate the employment while you are protected from unfair dismissal.

For further assistance contact Aaron at:
or www.duncancotterill.com

Kristie De Robillard – Dental Corporation

  1. Ensure you are aware of the 10 basic minimum entitlements as stated in the National Employment Standards (NES). You can find the Fair Work Information statement containing the National Employment Standards on the Fair Work Ombudsman Website: www.fairwork.gov.au
  2. If you end up with an official claim, ensure you research what actual entitlements are owing to the complainant and attempt to find a mutual resolution where any alleged breaches of the Fair Work Act are rectified as soon as possible. The Fair Work Ombudsman website provides a wealth of resources, you can also call the Fair Work Infoline on : 13 13 94
  3. If you have a poor performing employee, it is best practice to follow a formal performance management process which involves:
  • Making the employee aware of what the issues are
  • Advising them about the impact on the business
  • Advising them what they need to do to improve
  • Offer any assistance or training required to improve
  • These conversations should be documented, and a formal warning letter issued

For further assistance contact Kristie at:
KdeRobillard@dentalcorp.com.au or for more information on Dental Corporation www.dentalcorp.com.au


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